Number 2 A man, a helicopter and a digital camera: those three elements combine to create one of the most 買房子engrossing sites on the Web. There's nothing fancy about California Coastline's execution or 酒店經紀interface. The site is simply what it claims to be: 10,000 up-close-and-personal aerial shots of the 室內裝潢entire 1,000-mile-long coast. You can see everything from Barbra Streisand's Malibu backyard to the 西裝外套best secret surf spots the state has to offer just past the off-limits Vandenberg Air Force Base. The site 情趣用品is catnip for daydream-prone cubicle dwellers, though it's definitely NSFW. 一個人, 直升機, 一臺數位相住商房屋機就可以搞定了! 這是2009年時代周刊選出的100名最佳網站Number 2這裡沒有很迷人的版面, 只有一萬倍的放大 1千英哩591長的加州海岸, 如果你是芭芭拉史吹珊的歌迷你可以看到他家的後院 (這棟房子很多電影裡出現過喔!)Read more: 設計裝潢,28804,1918031_1918016_1917968,00.html#ixzz0rk862vAY 買房子

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